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Hors d’oeuvres


Grilled White Mexican Gulf Shrimps Skewer, Honey Dijon Sauce 3.50/piece

Fried Steak Calamari, Sweet Spicy Ginger Sauce Ginger $2.00//piece

Teriyaki Glazed Skirt Steak Skewer, Teriyaki Molasses Sauce $3.50/piece

Coconut Shrimp Pink, Guava Wine Sauce, Tropical Hawaiian Papaya $4.00/piece

Kobe Beef Spring Rolls $3.00/6 pieces

Grilled Eggplant Caprese, Aged Balsamic Drizzle $2.50/piece

Mediterranean, Brochette, Sautéed Basil Tomato, Feta $2.00/piece

Beef Steak Organic Mozzarella, Baby Roma Tomatoes $2.50/piece

Chop Stick Angel Hair Ceca, Sautéed Basil Tomato $2.00/piece

Belgium Endive, Tomato, Bacon Goat cheese $3.50/piece

Mediterranean Chicken Endive $3.50/piece

Chicken Dijon Skewer, Honey Dijon Mustard Sauce $3.00/piece

BBQ NY Sirloin Shish Kebob $4.50/piece

Ahi Tatar, Spicy Sesame Sauce $3.50/piece

Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Orange Zest Pistachio Sauce $5.50/piece

Butter Lettuce Ceviche $3.00/piece

Mission Figs Wrapped, Procetto and Balsamic Glaze $3.00/piece

White Bean Hummus, Seasoned Garlic Dill Pita Chips $2.50/piece

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Skewers $3.00/piece

Baby Spoon Crab Meat Tower $5.00/piece

BBQ Marinated Saffron Chicken Kabob, Red pepper, onion $3.00/piece


(Bite Size)

Suzette’s Homemade Cream Brule Tart $3.00/piece

Bread Pudding Squares with raspberry fusion vodka sauce $3.00/piece

Baklovit Traditional & Chocolate $3.00/piece

Warm Cookie with ice cream $4.00/piece

Triple Berry Tartlet $4.00/piece

Minimum of 20 pieces per selection for hors d’oeuvres

Minimum of 10 pieces per selection for Desserts

(7.75% Tax, 15% Service Charge, and 5% Banquet Charge will be added)

(All Menu item prices and fees are subject to change)

Executive Chef

Jimmy Z

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